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Partizan fired Djukic and appointed Mirkovic

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Partizan (Belgrade) fired senior coach Miroslav Dukic and announced that Zoran Mirkovic took up the position. The decision is despite the elimination of Lithuanian Trakai with a total score of 2:1 in the second qualifying round of the Europa League.

The first meeting in Belgrade was won by 1:0 by the graders, and the rematch 1:1 was achieved before the break. But then Seyduba Suma of the guests was removed and despite the rankings, Miroslav Dukic failed to keep his post. He has stayed for too long after the end of last season fans have asked him to resign for a number of reasons.

On the one hand, the team lagged behind the big rival Red Star in the final mentioned by contact with livesoccer standings. Then came a tough 2-1 victory over Mladost (Luciani) in the Cup final, and finally the fans accused him of pushing players to sign contracts only with manager Fali Ramadani.

The summer break gave him a little time but the bad start of the new championship once again opened the subject of his shift. The club`s board, with open ballot, decided to split with Miroslav Dukic. We thank him for the professional attitude and dedication to the club and we wish him all the best in the future, says the official statement of Partizan.

The speculation that Djukic has renounced 400, 000 euros in compensation to help the club, which is not in a brilliant financial condition, has speculated in the media.

The amount is not exactly the same, it is much smaller. But we are grateful that he took this step. That is why Djukic knows that the doors to him are always open, commented sports director Milos Vazura. New coach Zoran Mirkovic, who has three Serbian championships for the first time, takes on the role of senior coach at any level. He was assistant to Ljubisa Tumbakovic. In the third round of the Europa League, Partizan will face Denmark`s Norseland, with the first meeting at Fear August 9th.

Blog of 11 live soccer