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Valverde:The title is always for the best, in ShL is different

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Barcelona`s coach Ernesto Valverde does not think tomorrow`s match from live soccer with Real Madrid is protocol due to the charge and symbolism of the clash. El Classico is El Classico. For our joy we are champions. They come up with the idea of breaking our course, said the Catalonian coach at a press conference today.

The title is always the best, the WS is different - there are more factors involved. You may have a bad day to get lucky. At the same time, there are more candidates in the Champions League, while in La Liga there are two, three or four, he said.

I do not think there is a lack of respect not to make us a spatter. () I have no doubt that tomorrow we will see the two best possible teams of Barca and Real Madrid, the professional acknowledged. Iniestia announced my decision a month, a month and a half ago. I think he had thought it well. He`s a man who`s been a long time in football, he`s got enough knowledge about things, Valverde said.

Griezmann is not our footballer. I do not know if Luis Suarez knows what Grossman will do, I do not know, `said Monsieur Therese. The meeting is tomorrow at 21, 45 hours at Camp Nou.

Blog of 11 live soccer