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Liverpool broke through the chaos, but he is waiting for the final exam

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In this jovial, airless night, the rumble was biblical. From Kurva Sud there was such a hasty call, as if the Lord himself had allowed Rome to hit Liverpool, as he had once done with Egypt, to show its power. This time, however, Liverpool`s team, containing its own pharaoh, avoided the ultimate punishment.
If you are a believer in the interference, and you think that we may have witnessed one of these, you would conclude that in the hour of judgment, Grace had spilled over Liverpool. Roma had returned to an impossible position and was looking for three goals when Stephan El Shaarayi`s shot was stopped by a rescue, which was probably not one of the three red-doers in terms of skill and class. There was only one problem:it was done by the right back Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Slovenian judge Skomina and his additional assistant stood only meters away from the incident, and they did not see her again. A penalty, possibly a red card, would probably put the guests under huge strain half an hour before the end of the match according contact with livesoccer in the middle of this sword lair. However, Alexander-Arnold and Liverpool were spared. How did El Shaarawi, the best of the wolves, deserve this destiny? Well, his father in nationality is an Egyptian
We will not be wrong if we say that Liverpool has reached the Champions League final in Kiev in a unique way. This is a team that can beat 5:2 at home and make you feel the despair of defeat. This is also a team that can lose 4:2 as a guest and make you feel it as touched by the marvelous victory. See the last four games:In the first 75 minutes the total score is 9:2, in the last 15 is 0:6. Crazy job! Has there ever been a team in the history of football that is so ruthless and so vulnerable? Has there ever been a team in football history that was so human, so incomparable with anything else so confusing?
Eventually, Liverpool found a way to hold on. Raja Ningollan of the penalty kick at the end of the time added only to Roma on a non-goal game. Fear. Christ, this can not happen, is it? No, he could not. Seconds later, the final judging signal came as a cooling breeze, and relief relieved the pressure of the guests. A signal that was enough to knock Virginia Van Dyke into exhaustion and make him widen his arms in the air and look into the heavens, probably thanks to someone.

All the chaos took a long time to realize the magnitude of the accomplished achievement. Half an hour after the Reds returned to the dressing room, manager Jurgen Klop stepped back from the tunnel and rushed to his team`s supporters at the northeastern corner of the stadium. They would stay there for another 90 minutes because of their fears outside the facility. At least five of these minutes were spent together with Clap, who had completely sunk into the experience. It was a wonderful moment of unity led by the man who made it all possible.
Yes, the week for him was extremely heavy, with a lot of critics?

Blog of 11 live soccer