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The strong man in Juve talks about the future of two of the stars in the team

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Juventus CEO Bepe Marotta commented on some of the most interesting topics related to the future of two of the team`s stars - Paulo Diballa and Quadvo Asamoa.

The strong man in Torino was asked about the situation around Dybala and the star`s star dinner at a restaurant with Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone.

I am enjoying myself when people talk about the dinner of Dybala and Simeone. I`m not surprised that in a restaurant they can sit nearby. These things happen regularly in Milan, Turin and Rome, said Marotta. While Paulo`s future seems to be safe in Yuwu, things with Ghanaian Kwadvo Asamoja are still unclear, as the universal fighter has a contract by the end of the season. We try to keep him in the club, but if he has decided to go to another team, although there is nothing official, we will let him do it, `the bianconer director finished.

Blog of 11 live soccer