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Ter Stegen:Separation with Neymar made us stronger

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The German side of Barcelona, Mark-Andre Stegen, has a lot of merit in the performance of the Catalonian club this season. The guard has only scored 11 goals in 24 games in the Primera Division, with only his colleague at Atletico Madrid, Jan Oblak, taking his ball off his net fewer times - 9.

Ter Stegen commented on ESPN that the departure of Neymar in the summer of Paris Saint-Germain had an effect on Ernesto Valverde`s lineup, and also talked about the new recruits of the los coules - Ousmane Dembele and Philippe Coettinho.

There is no way to explain how much a qualifying player is really Nei. He was very important to us both as a footballer and as a person. Perhaps he needed to win other things, and also his individual point of view. It is not easy to compensate for the lack of such a footballer, but we have found a way and we are now a very, very strong team, says Borussia`s former goalkeeper (Monchengladbach).

New players need time, they need peace, because they are young and expect good things for years to come. Dembele was injured for a long time, and Kouttinho arrived soon, the German added.

Kouttinho is very relaxed. Good man. His qualities are obvious, but he needs adaptation to our style. The same goes for Dembele, Germany`s 25-year-old national, who has already fired more than 100 Barca matches according 11livesoccer in all tournaments.

For Kouttinho, things may be an easier idea, because he speaks Spanish now, while Usman still learns the language, ends the German.

Blog of 11 live soccer