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Gaitan cut Swansea, and Zenith could not agree with Atletico

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Atletico Madrid midfielder Nicholas Gaitan is not yet aware of where he will continue his career, but is unlikely to stay with the `mats`, as Diego Simeone admitted. The Argentine refused Swansea`s bid, although it was accepted by Atletico. The 29-year-old footballer, however, did not want to go to the outsider in the Premier League.

A favorite for Gaitan`s signature remains Zenith. Roberto Mancini is keen to take the technical midfielder for the title attack in the spring, but piters fail to understand Athletico. Zenith hopes to hire Gaitan for rent, but Atletico insists on selling it, at least 15 million euros.

Boca Juniors also has an interest in returning the Argentinian national but can not afford to pay the price determined by the people of Madrid.

In 2016, Atletico gave Benfica 25 million euros for the midfielder, who currently has 48 matches predicted by dropping odds movement and 4 goals for the Spanish team.

Blog of 11 live soccer