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These footballers have created something really amazing. . .

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It is not always easy to score a goal on an empty door. Especially if you have players from your own team. Three footballers of the Lithuanian team Gintra were alone against the empty goal of Barcelona in the match via highlights soccer between the two women`s Champions League teams. The score was 3: 0 in favor of the Catalunya and the hosts of Lithuania had an ideal chance at least for an honor goal in the middle of the second half after they overcame the opponent`s goalie, but what happened a second or two later was inexplicable and illogical.

But it still happened! Two of the Lithuanian footballers collided with each other, fell on the field and prevented each other, and the ball was not in the door.

This was the first 1/8-final date of the tournament and eventually ended with a 6: 0 score for the Barcelona guests.

Blog of 11 live soccer