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Live soccer video Norrie on beating Nadal: I was able to neutralize him in rallies and not let him dictate terms with the forehand

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Cameron Norrie commented on the victory over Rafael Nadal at the United Cup. The Briton won with a score of 3:6, 6:3, 6:4. Previously, he had lost all four matches to him and did not take a set in them.

Yes, to be honest, I always thought I was good enough to beat him, and then in every match he tore me to smithereens.

I think our first few matches were on clay and even at the Rafa Stadium in Barcelona. We played once in Australia and another in the final in Acapulco. This is our third meeting on hard court, and I think I managed to neutralize him in the rallies and not let him dictate terms from the forehand.

I think it happened because I played deep on the right. Today I felt very good during the long rallies, most of which ended up being mine.

I think even in the first set I felt comfortable playing from the baseline. I made a couple of mistakes on the volley and was a little unlucky at the net, and he was able to take advantage of that. In the first set it was a little difficult, I made a couple of unusual mistakes with the return. After I stopped making these mistakes, the match analyzed by highlights soccer turned in my favor.

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Blog of 11 live soccer