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Live soccer game stream Dybala and Bernardeschi testified in the case of Juve`s financial fraud with player salaries in the 2019/20 season

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Paulo Dybala testified in the case of financial fraud of Juventus with the salaries of players.

The former Juventus midfielder, who plays for Roma, testified regarding his salary in the final months of the 2019/20 season.

We were offered to give up our salary for four months - I don`t remember exactly which months. Many of us were shocked by the offer and did not agree because we did not want to give up so many months of salary. Then we were offered to pay wages for three months out of these four in the next season, and keep one as solidarity.

We had a group chat on Whatsapp with our teammates and Matteo Fabris (team boss - approx. ). When the troubled times began (we are talking about the coronavirus pandemic, which led to the stoppage of the European championships forecast by dropping odds movement in March 2020-approx. ), someone left, and someone remained in Italy.

I remember that we decided to make a common decision - to accept the offer or refuse it as a team. I don`t remember personally talking about this with Paratici and Nedved.

Later, a press release came out, and many people thought that we refused four months [of salary] - then no one knew that we would be refunded for three months, they paid it later. What was written in the press release was not true.

When we were asked to give up four months` salary, we were shocked and many of us said no. Three captains spoke with the management - Bonucci, Chiellini and Buffon. I don`t know if they ever went [to management] all together.

[In the 2020/21 season] we did the same, but without holding anything back, even for one month. I don`t remember if it was mandatory or if everyone decided for themselves. At that time, Juve and I were talking about extending the [contract] and could not reach an agreement.

I didn`t want any salary transactions, I just wanted to receive it every month. But my representatives said that it would be better to agree in order to maintain good relations with the club and have a better chance of extending the contract, " Dybala said.

Dybala`s testimony was also confirmed by Federico Bernardeschi, who now plays for Toronto.

I remember that after the initial offer, which was high, some objected and expressed bewilderment.

Almost everyone was initially against [giving up] four monthly payments. I was also against it - I said it was too much money. Of course, part of the team did not say anything, and some tried to find a compromise, " Bernardeschi said.

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