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Live match stream video Atletico CEO: Real puts pressure on the referees, and they know what awaits them if they harm Madrid. For decades it`s been the same thing - it`s a system

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Atletico`s general director accused Real of influencing the judges.

Yesterday Atletico lost to Real Madrid (1:3) in the quarter finals of the Spanish Cup.

Real Madrid midfielder Dani Ceballos had a yellow card and committed a foul near his own penalty area in the 71st minute.

Referee Cesar Soto Grado did not show the midfielder a second yellow, and in extra time he sent off Atletico defender Stefan Savic, giving him two cards in a few minutes.

I have the utmost respect for judges and am convinced that their intentions are always the best, but anyone watching from the outside can see that for decades the same thing has almost always happened. Unfortunately, no one is surprised anymore, this is not news at all, we just need to remember history.

Real Madrid is a club with a very powerful environment; many different interests always revolve around this club. They create such pressure that this is normal, that it influences those who have to make decisions. And they [the decision makers] know what awaits them if they hurt them [Real Madrid] with a mistake. Campaigning against those they perceive as harming them is common.

This is the system and Atletico cannot change it alone. We must compete as best we can and continue to work to make our industry stronger and fairer for all clubs prediction by live soccer . Stadium and jersey color should not matter when making fair decisions.

Our players have suffered the consequences of all that pressure on the pitch yesterday and it angers me, as does any fan, regardless of team, who expects the same criteria for everyone.

Yesterday`s second yellow card [to Ceballos] was obvious, undeniable, and in accordance with the regulations. Real Madrid are playing at home, at the Santiago Bernabeu, to reach the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey, and leaving them with ten men is very serious.

We are used to the system. We read in the press and hear for hours on radio and television in the days leading up to a derby about the need to protect a certain player from a specific team. Honestly, I think if anyone wasn`t protected last night it was Griezmann or Morata, for example, who were literally kicked around, but that`s the system.

I almost never say because they will quickly blame you for victimization, but anyone who really knows Atletico`s DNA knows that we don`t like to make excuses.

So that no one has any doubts: we are responsible for where the team is now, for the fact that it did not leave the Champions League group, for the fact that it is 7 points behind third place in La Liga. And we must take advantage of the 20 games to finish the season as best as possible.

No excuses, but we have an understanding of how the system works, " said Miguel Angel Gil.

Atletico CEO: Real puts pressure on the referees, and they know what awaits them if they harm Madrid. For decades it`s been the same thing - it`s a system Live match stream video - more details and information: Live match stream video

Blog of 11 live soccer