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Live soccer game stream George Russell: We need to try to improve the situation

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Russell summed up the results advised by highlights soccer of sprint qualifying in Miami.

The Mercedes driver noted that he could not be satisfied that he failed to make it into the third segment of the qualifying session.

In practice, the soft tires worked very well on our car, the pace was excellent. But on medium tires we were unable to get into the optimal settings window. We ended up on the opposite side altogether. The fight was tight, and we should not have been so close to the border time at all.

We have a lot of work ahead of us in the evening to try to improve the performance of the car for the main qualification. And I have no doubt that in the sprint we will win back positions. We need to try to improve the situation. But it`s always difficult for you to fight with the leaders when you yourself start at the back.

Everyone has prepared updates for this race. McLaren brought a very large update to the car, and Aston Martin prepared something else for last week. You could say we`re in the same boat as everyone else - it just didn`t work out for us today, " Russell said.

George Russell: We need to try to improve the situation Live soccer game stream - more details and information: Live soccer game stream

Blog of 11 live soccer