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Live match video stream Lewandowski on three-match La Liga ban: It`s not fair, I didn`t deserve it. Didn`t say anything to the judge

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Robert Lewandowski criticized the decision to disqualify in La Liga.

I do not understand this, because I did not say anything to the judge. I turned to the coach, to Xavi. And I didn`t say anything terrible. I don`t understand why I got a three-match suspension, to be honest. I definitely didn`t deserve it.

The removal was fair, because there really was a foul. But there shouldn`t have been a suspension for what I did afterwards. I didn`t say anything special.

I spoke to Xavi and Carlos, our delegate, who was next to the fourth judge, because we know what we were talking about a week or two before. That`s the whole story behind it, I don`t understand the reason for such a sanction. It`s not fair, ` said the Barcelona striker.

Lewandowski was suspended for three matches in La Liga for his behavior in the match predicted by 11livesoccer against Osasuna (2:1). Barcelona appealed against the decision of the disciplinary committee, but the appeal was .
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Blog of 11 live soccer