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Live stream Former Juventus president: Ronaldo investment turned out to be too costly. His move was supposed to bring the club closer to winning the Champions League.

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The ex-president of Juventus believes that the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018 was a mistake.

Agnelli was persuaded to sign Ronaldo because it would generate huge marketing revenue and bring Juventus closer to winning the Champions League. However, Marotta completely disagreed with this and stepped aside.

Subsequently, it became clear that investment in Ronaldo was too costly.

In the meantime, Fabio Paratici, who had been pushing for Ronaldo`s signing, also dragged Juventus into the plan with additional investments that affected the balance sheet and created problems for the club.

It`s not a coincidence if they had to raise 700 million euros of new capital, said Giovanni Cobolli Gigli.

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Blog of 11 live soccer