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Live soccer match video Danny Ainge: I`ve been accused of making teams to lose but that`s never been true

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Jazz President Danny Ainge spoke about the team`s successful start to the new season and his attitude towards the unexpected result.

Realigning Utah is 10-5 and 3rd in the West.

I like many players in our team. But the fact that they interact so well with each other from the very beginning of the season is a little surprising. On the court in our performance, you can see a large number of movements, the ball moves perfectly. Great play style. I`m sure the kids will enjoy it.

How do I feel about this result? I don`t comment on what other people say. Is it supposed to be that I`m not happy? I beg of you. I`ve been accused of creating teams to rebuild and lose, but that`s never been true, ` Ainge said.

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Blog of 11 live soccer