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Live stream Fernando Alonso I have to be 60 points ahead of all pilots in the middle group

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Fernando Alonso shared his latest count of points lost.

Rider Alpin retired multiple times due to technical issues in 2022. Alonso is sure that he should have won in a dominant style against other representatives of the middle group. In reality, Fernando loses 40 points to McLaren pilot Lando Norris and 11 points to his teammate Esteban Okon.

Alonso agreed with the statement that the ninth place in the championship forecast by live soccer does not reflect his speed:

Yes, definitely. In fact, I should be 60 points ahead of any other pilot in the middle group.

I hope after 2022 I will be incredibly lucky next year. I retired five times due to engine problems, but finished four more races without a battery. There were also cases when the car could not start, as in Austria, or I lost a wheel in the pit stop. It`s amazing that out of 20 races, problems arose somewhere in nine - almost 50 percent.

I don`t think we could have won [in 2022] - what happened in Hungary last season may not happen again for another 100 years. I don`t know about the podium - maybe we had a chance in Canada and Australia.

Fernando talks about goals for the Sao Paulo Grand Prix:

See the checkered flag! I think this year I finished above the McLarens every time I saw the checkered flag. It just didn`t happen as often as I would like. But if we get to the end of the race on our site and in Abu Dhabi, we will finish the season higher.

The two-time champion answered the question of whether his failures are compensated by luck in the future:

Yes. But I think Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, George [Russell] or many other drivers have either never won a single Formula One race or will never win a championship. I was very lucky to win two titles.

Fernando Alonso I have to be 60 points ahead of all pilots in the middle group Live stream - more details and information: Live stream

Blog of 11 live soccer