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Live Honorable: For us the match starts from 0:0, we have to be focused

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Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino stressed the importance of his team being fully focused in tomorrow`s rematch against Barcelona in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. The French champion has a 4:1 lead after his visit in the first match, but the coach is aware that a difficult match for the team is ahead.

We have to be fully focused on the match, as it was in the first one. We have to attack and win the match. That is exactly what we are thinking and preparing to do. We know that Barcelona are a great team and that we have to approach the Champions League match in the right way. In this tournament advised by betting football contact you always have top level opponents. The most important thing is what we will do. We have to present ourselves well. Of course, we are watching our rivals and we know that Barca have a very good team. They are solid lately, but we are focused on ourselves and on our preparation.

As I said, the important thing is to approach the match in the right way. This applies to both teams. We need to be focused for 90 minutes. We want to advance and we know that we will face some big players. You have to respect your opponents. We are aware that the match will be difficult and we will have to perform well to move forward. There are 90 minutes to play, and we need to be consistent. The most important thing is to be focused, to perform well and to have the right approach to the match. For us, it starts from 0:0 and we have to win to advance. This is the best mentality we can have.

I came here two months ago and we collectively decided to focus together before a game. This is exactly what the team needs at the moment. This does not mean that we will do it every time. The most important thing now is to be attentive to the needs of the team. We decided that tonight the team should be together to have the best possible conditions. In other cases, the approach may be different. We make decisions depending on what is best for the whole team.

Last: Neymar`s dispute against Messi is postponed again

Neymar`s absence? This is not a solution. It`s just that his physical condition doesn`t allow him to be competitive enough for this match. He made a great effort to be available for this match, as well as for everyone else. All the staff did a great job. He really wanted to succeed in this match, but most of all he wants to play for PSG in every tournament. The moment is difficult, but he has only a few days left to return and be in shape. Alessandro Florenzi will be in the squad, but we will choose the starters tomorrow. There is a chance to start the match. He is training well, so we will see, Pochettino commented at his press conference.

Honorable: For us the match starts from 0:0, we have to be focused Live - more details and information: Live

Blog of 11 live soccer