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Soccer live match Neymar: This is in the top 3 of the games I wanted to play in

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Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar failed to take part in last night`s 4-1 victory over Barcelona in the Champions League, but that did not stop him from commenting on the match and the performance of his teammates via Twitter. Before the match started, Neymar expressed his regret that he would not be able to be among those on the field due to his injury. This is in the top 3 of the matches predicted by answers of football picks in which I most wanted to play, he posted.

The Brazilian later commented on the penalty through which Barcelona took the lead in the result. This penalty is ridiculous, he wrote, but only seconds later deleted the post in question.

The striker was also delighted with Kylian Mbappe`s three goals in the match. Mbappe PLAYS A LOT. . A hat-trick for my boy, he wrote.

After the match, Neymar did not fail to congratulate the whole team and in particular Leandro Paredes. What a match for the team, everyone did very well. PAREDES is a beast, a TOP PLAYER, he published.

Big Tuesday, the victory of PSG and the departure of Nego Di (participant in Big Brother Brazil - b. r. ), what a day, friends, added the former Barcelona player.

Neymar: This is in the top 3 of the games I wanted to play in Soccer live match - more details and information: Soccer live match

Blog of 11 live soccer