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Live soccer match video stream Fonseca: Elementary mistakes failed us

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Another lost derby of the season will ask very awkward questions to Roma head coach Paulo Fonseca. Against the city rival Lazio, the `wolves` were completely helpless and lost 0:3, missing a good opportunity to equalize in points with Inter. At the post-match press conference, Fonseca did not hide his disappointment.

`We started with a positive attitude and stood well on the field, but then we gave two goals to the opponent, and against a team like Lazio it is very difficult to face at 0:2. We never managed to overcome their defense until the end. of the match forecast by dropping odds movement `, admitted the Portuguese specialist.

`He tried everything until we scored two basic goals. These were situations in which we should not have confused. Roger`s mistakes had a very negative impact, ` said Fonseca. `Lazio grouped well in their half, and we tried to break through with long plays. We played offensively, but the opponent did not allow us to create goal positions. We knew their counterattack strength, so we had to have someone tois prepared in cases when we lose the ball, `said the coach of the` Jaloros `.

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Blog of 11 live soccer