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Live game stream Milan`s lightning goal is irregular, but an oversight made VAR a silent witness

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Milan`s record-breaking goal against Sassuolo on Sunday should not have been taken into account. Striker Rafael Leao scored exactly 6. 76 seconds after the first touch of the ball, but it turned out that in the performance of the center, the black players of the Rossoneri had already committed a half in the opponent, which is a violation of the rules. This can be seen from the records, but in this case there is no way for VAR to come into use. In general, the video assistant referee technology is used only in certain cases and putting the ball into play with the initial signal is not among them.

In theory, this hit should not have been recognized, but in this case VAR has no jurisdiction to intervene, commented former referee Luca Marelli.

In principle, each goal is considered to have any of the following in the goal attack:

* the ball has left the court

* the ball has not crossed the goal line

* to have an ambush

* to havehandball

* to have committed an offense

* to have entered the penalty area before the execution of a penalty. This appears to be an omission in determining the conditions under which the VAR operates. That is, no one assumed that a goal like that of Milan could fall and accordingly it was not set to monitor whether a player from the attacking team did not cross the opponent`s field. The rules of football are determined by the Board of the International Football Association (IFAB).

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Blog of 11 live soccer