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Chelsea - Watford 1: 2, watch here

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Chelsea has put an end to its series of three consecutive encounters with no success in all of the tournaments after defeating hard, with 4: 2, Watford at Stamford Bridge. 20 minutes before the end, the Londoners lagged 1: 2, but managed to get a full twist with Mishi Batshuai (71 u0026 039; 95 u0026 039) and Cesar Aspilikuta (87 u0026 039). Before that, Pedro Rodriguez (12 u0026 039;) found the score, and Abdullai Doukure (45 u0026 039;) and Roberto Pereira (49 u0026 039) took Watford forward.

The hosts had three changes compared to the Crystal Palace match a week ago. The great news was that Alvaro Morata was ready to begin. Antonio Rodiigier and Pedro Rodriguez also started. Troy Dei was preferred to Andre Gray at the top of the attack.

The hosts started strong and in the 12th minute they were already leading in the result after a terrific shot of Pedro about 25 meters. The ball banged the side beam and entered the door of Gomez unsteadily. So far, however, it was after the game, followed by a corner that was wrongly ruled. Five minutes later, Fabregas failed to double after being well off and trying to pass Gomes but failed to do so and Watford`s watchman saved without any difficulty.

In the 24th minute, Pedro made another dangerous shot from a long distance, but this time the ball went sideways. Shortly before the break, Gomez intervened very well after a Fabregas hit.

In the added time, Watford managed to score a goal. Holebas played a strong touch, sending the ball into the penalty area where Luis played with his head, but after the ricochet the ball reached Doukure. The latter put a strong shot in the near corner, Courtois failed to intervene - 1: 1. Three minutes after the game resumed, Ricarlisson missed an incredible opportunity after he had left himself on the far side but for several meters he managed to hit the door. In the 49th minute, however, the turn was a fact. Riccariolis took advantage of Bakakihoko`s error and brought Deey on the left flank very well. The striker continued on to Pereira, who stood behind Luis and fired past Courtois - 1: 2. Shortly thereafter, Ricardlison missed another magnificent opportunity. This time he did not succeed with a few meters head.

In the 71st minute, Mishi Batshuaye, who replaced Morata ten minutes before, scored the score after finding Pedro`s header very well on the right. Eight minutes before the end, Batshuai missed a good chance to get Chelsea back. He got a good shot from Fabregas, but his shot flashed past the right side beam.

In the 87th minute, however, the hosts made it to full success. Villian centering on the right, Batshuy was unable to catch his head, but behind him was Aspilquita, who headed for 3: 2.

In the fifth minute of the added time, Mishi Batshuai formed the final result advised by partners of live soccer with his second goal today. Britsos confused a pass in a dangerous zone, Bakakiyo blocked and the ball found himself on the way to Battsuay, who made his fourth goal in three games against Watford.

With this success, Chelsea replaced its current rival from fourth place in the standings.


Blog of 11 live soccer