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Live soccer video stream Ibaka revealed how Leonard made him sign with the Clippers

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The new addition to the ranks of the Los Angeles Clippers, Serge Ibaka, has agreed to sign a two-year contract worth a total of $ 19 million with the California team. The 31-year-old heavy winger / center is a former teammate of the Clippers star Kawai Leonard, after the two spent a championship predicted by 11livesoccer season in the Toronto Raptors. At his first media appearance as an LA Ibaca player, he was asked how Leonard got him to come to California.

It was a very funny way. He wrote me the following message: "Hey, what`s going on? " I told him I was on vacation, and then he said, "Brother, are you coming or not? Do we do it? `It was a lot of fun, it`s just the way we communicate. When he writes `what`s going on, ` I already know what he means, ` the Congolese explained with a Spanish passport.

`I think we get along great. Kauai is the type of person you need to get to know well before you understand them. . . There is no selfishness in our friendship. I know who he is and what he represents as a teammate. We both understand what we can do. for each other to help the team and make things smoother and easier, `Ibaka added.

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