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Soccer live match Items of sports legends will be sold at auction

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One-of-a-kind items from perhaps the best players in the history of football and ice hockey will be put up for auction by Sotheby`s as part of the celebrations called 100 Years of Champions. The auction will include a special trophy made for the Brazilian Pele, as well as a T-shirt from the debut season of the Canadian Wayne Gretsky in the NHL.

Sotheby`s and Golden Auctions will offer a hundred items from sports legends such as Pele, Gretsky, Babe Ruth, Mohamed Ali and many others. Living legends and still active players in American football, basketball and tennis - Tom Brady, LeBron James and Rafael Nadal will also participate with donations of their own belongings in the auction, scheduled for the days between November 24 and December 4.

Gretsky, who played professionally between 1979 and 1980, donated a signed T-shirt to Edmonton Oilers from his NHL debut, valued at $ 450, 000 to $ 600, 000. Pele will contribute with the trophy Jules Rimet, which he received for the third world title of Brazil in 1970. It is estimated at 800 thousand dollars. Tom Brady, a quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will take part with a collector`s card from his first season in the NFL in 2020, when he was drafted by the New England Patriots. The item is valued at about 250-300 thousand dollars. The price of a collector`s card of the baseball player Mickey Mantle from 1952 will be relatively the same.

Other more valuable items are the 1956 Heisman trophy of former Green Bay Packers player Paul Horning, who died last week, and the 1996 Olympic Atlanta Torch, signed by Mohamed Ali. of Pierre de Coubertin. It was purchased in 2019 by Alisher Usmanov for $ 8. 8 million - eight times the estimate.

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Blog of 11 live soccer