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Soccer live game stream video Nick Kyrios refused to participate in the US Open

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Australian Nick Kyrios refused to participate in the US Open, which begins in late August.

Former No13 in the ATP rankings Kyrios made a video address in which he announced his decision not to play in the Grand Slam tournament analyzed by dropping odds movement in New York because of the risk of infection with Kovid-19.

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Earlier this week, Ashley Barty, also from Australia, the leader of the women`s world rankings, announced that she would not play at Flushing Meadows because of the coronavirus.

`Let`s take a deep breath and remember the really important things in life. These are the health and safety of our community. We can restore our sport and the economy, but there is no way to bring back the lost lives. I have no problem with holding the Open. in the United States, as long as a safe environment is provided and everyone behaves according to the rules. Let the players decide for themselves whether to travel. No one wants people to keep their jobs anymore. I`m talking about restaurant staff, cleaners and all the staff inThey need to go back to work the most But tennis players, you have to think in the common interest and work together It`s not right to dance at tables or organize a demonstration event toThis virus has shown us that we need to think about others because it is not interested in our ranking and the size of our bank accounts. make us responsible to society, not just think for ourselves, `commented Kyrios, who is 40th in the world at the moment.

`I also wish good luck to the players who bypass the rules and behave selfishly. Play at your own risk, I have no problem with that. I made the difficult decision to withdraw from the Open. It hurts me a lot that I will not compete in one of the mostthe big sports arenas of Arthur Ash Stadium. But I can`t ignore my compatriots, and the thousands of Americans who lost their lives during this pandemic, that`s for you. I made my decision, whether you like it or not. `he added.

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Blog of 11 live soccer