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Live soccer game video stream Déjà vu for Bayern in the last fall round

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The champion Bayern Munich will face the New Year 4 points from the Bundesliga summit after failing to narrow the gap between RB (Leipzig) in the last autumn round. The Bavarians were very difficult to beat Wolfsburg 2-0 at home, and at the same time also congratulated Rosenbalshport 3-1 over Augsburg.

Fans of the Munich Colossus were going through a meeting with Freiburg on Wednesday, when success came after the goals of youngster Joshua Zirksee and Serge Gnabri. The same thing happened today, with the 18-year-old Dutchman again signing minutes after entering the game - in the 86th, and shortly after Gnabri struck the final blow - in the 89th minute.

Hansi Flick`s players were far from their strongest games this half-season, and it would not be undesirable if Wolfsburg left with at least a point. The Wolves were defending perfectly until this 86th minute when the first hit fell. Robert Lewandowski was not at his height, but Gnabri gave up. The guests had several options, their best in the 16th when Felix Klaus missed on his own against Manuel Neuer. Thus, Wolfsburg remains ninth before the rest of the matches.

Javier Martinez returned to the Bavarian starting line-up after not being on the pitch against Freiburg for punishment. Ivan Perisic again got a chance and Serj Gnabri started on the other wing. On the bench of Hansi Flick were Jerome Boateng, Sven Ulreich and five football players that most Bayern fans do not know - Sarpreet Singh (midfielder, 20), Leon Dayak (striker, 18), Lucas Mai (defender, 19 years). ), Oliver Mayer (midfielder, 18) and Joshua Zirksee (striker, 18). The latter became a hero against Freiburg on Wednesday, scoring 2:1 in the added time - seconds after entering the field. David Alaba has recorded his jubilee match predicted by partners of live soccer No. 250 in the Bundesliga.

The Wolves came out without their goalie, Vout Veghorst, who was not fully fledged due to the flu and appeared almost to the end.

Goalkeeper Cohen Castells made his first major save in the 12th minute after a header from Ivan Perisic.

Wolfsburg was on goal in the 16th minute when Felix Klaus came out alone against Manuel Neuer, but the home captain reflected.

However, this was one of the few opportunities in the Neuer network because Bayern owned the game. In the 22nd, David Alaba executed an excellent free-kick that Castells saved. Four later, Thomas Muller pointed the ball to the bottom left corner, but now the Belgian guard was in place.

In the 29th and Gnabri failed to overcome Castells.

Munich did not stop looking for the hit, but Philippe Coutinho showed an inaccurate sight as he shot over the beam in the 41st. Arnold fired very dangerously in the attack, and Noyer had nothing to do, but luckily the ball blew out.

At the end of the half Javi Martinez was injured and was replaced by Boateng.

Immediately after the break, Joshua Kimih received a yellow card for a dangerous game and would be penalized for the next game. Wolfsburg players were bolder in their actions and tried to get the game out in the middle. In the 53rd Coutinho was given the opportunity to shoot from about 23 meters, Live soccer game video stream - more details and information: Live soccer game video stream

Blog of 11 live soccer