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Live Solskjaer: We had to win by difference

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Victory in the derby with Manchester City (2:1) brought much joy to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who has been constantly criticized since the start of the season. Manchester United, however, have once again shown that they are strong against the teams in the top of the standings. According to the Norwegian specialist, his team even deserved to win more convincingly.
`We will remember that game. We were dangerous when we owned the ball and went forward against perhaps the strongest team in the world. City is truly a great team. It`s not easy to achieve such a result prediction by dropping odds movement and defend against them as well as we didWe had to win by two, three or even four goals difference, but their goalkeeper was brilliant, `said Solskayer.

`It`s hard to get the ball away from City`s players. However, we used our speed and that created a lot of problems for the opponent, ` said the former striker.
With a 24-point asset, United ranks 5th in the standings. The Red Devils have already defeated the second Leicester, the third Man City, the fourth Chelsea and the sixth Tottenham, and the only ones have not lost to the Liverpool leader.

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Blog of 11 live soccer