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soccer live match stream Sarri: We have to thank Ronaldo for taking the field

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Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri commented on the win over Milan (1-0). However, the main theme after the match prediction by highlights soccer was not the presentation of his team, but the replacement of Cristiano Ronaldo in the 55th minute. The mentor once again explained that the reason was that the football player was not feeling well, even adding that everyone should thank him for coming out on the field with an injury.
We have to thank Ronaldo for sacrificing himself on the pitch tonight, even though he was in a difficult situation. He did his best to play, but I saw that he was not feeling well and decided to change it. It is normal for every footballer to be angry when he leaves the field, especially when he has worked hard to be there. He had a slight knee problem over the last month. He got hit in training and he damaged the connection. When training at high speeds or when playing, it imbalances him and puts more strain on his calves and his thighs. This affects his performance and so he can`t show his best at the moment. Any player who does his best is normally angry at the change. `As a coach, I would be more worried if he wasn`t angry, ` Sarri said.

The win returned Juventus to first place in the standings, but once again the team wins by only one goal difference.
I liked the team spirit, but we need to improve the intensity of our game. we made a lot of mistakes, we lost the ball easily and that opened up spaces for Milan. The hunger and determination to win was what kept us struggling. Milan had knocks on our door, but they were far away. They own the class in the innings and that was a pretty good performance. Gonzalo Higuain does not mark as much in years past, but he works hard to help in defense, combines with his teammates and is always ready to assist, the specialist added.

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Blog of 11 live soccer