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live soccer game stream video Wijnaldum: There are two more games to go until the end of the group phase and they will be difficult

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Liverpool have two more games to go until the end of the group stage and each of them, as well as everyone else in the Championship, will be difficult, warned Georges Wijnaldum. The European club champions beat Genk 2:1 with the home team and topped the Group E standings after the runner-up Napoli finished 1-1 against third in the Salzburg standings.

`The result predicted by contact with livesoccer is good, but there are two more matches from the groups, so it will finally be clear how far we have come. This victory was key because the other two teams played with each other and finished equally so we can beWe were not expecting anything different than what you saw. It is our fault that we allowed them to play with peace and score us. We did not do everything right, and they played in their own style for a long timeHowever, there are no easy matches, we expected everyone to work hard before the start of the seasonSometimes it seems easy because the game is perfect for us, but even then it is difficult among the players themselves. We spend a lot of energy and are completely focused on the way we want to look as a team. it was not so and we had to fight to the very end for the three points. In my goal I decided that there was an ambush. I saw the centering and apparently the ball ricocheted into the defender before it got into me. I shot and scored, but I didn`t celebrate immediately because you know how VAR works nowadays. You`re glad you didn`t really score. In the end, though, it was a hit! `, said Liverpool`s first goal scorer.

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Blog of 11 live soccer