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Soccer predictions Thompson is unlikely to play this season

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Clay Thompson continues his recovery from left knee surgery, which suffered from a broken cruciate ligament during the NBA Finals. On the eve of the 2019/2020 season, Warriors coach Steve Kerr downplayed the hopes of the team`s fans regarding Thompson`s return to play.

He is unlikely to be one of the best shooters in history to hit the ground during this campaign. Thompson, who re-signed for five years and $ 190 million with Golden State earlier this summer, will not be forced to return to the game at all costs and the team wants to be fully convinced that he is fully recovered, which is whydo not take unnecessary risks and hurry.

The 29-year-old three-time NBA Champion has only played for Golden State in his professional career, which began in 2011. In 615 regular season games, he scores 19. 5 points at 41. 9% threesome, while in 123 playoff games via partners of live soccer he scores 20. 7 points at 41. 5% distance success.

Clay is a five-time participant in the Star Game;Olympic title.


Blog of 11 live soccer