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Soccer prediction Wagner is the modern version of Herbert Chapman

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So then -;after two focuses it was time for the evaporation numbers, but without the grand finale.
On Monday night, well before the end of the season, Huddersfield Town officially announced that David Wagner was leaving his post as manager of the team before being relegated to a lower division.
The latter was undoubtedly a very real possibility given the fact that the team is at the bottom of the Premier League provisional standings, but this is not a surprise, nor is the reason for the split. Certainly, this is not a drastically mistaken attempt at Huddersfield`s last push. In fact, it was Wagner who initiated the incident after telling the executives about his desire to leave, though this summer. Because of this, and because of the status of a Premier League club still of great importance for potential German successors, it was decided to seek and bring a person to the post.

However, the word reluctance is constantly used to describe the situation. Wagner himself wholeheartedly wants only what is in the interest of the club, so he agreed that perhaps the better solution is to leave now.
It is eloquent that the club`s official announcement of the mentor`s departure was followed quickly by a post on social media with the text: Thank you for your memories! .
This only adds to the weight of President Dean Hoyle`s words that he knows how the term by mutual consent is often a coded message in professional football, that the manager has been fired, but our decision today is really mutual. Hoyle also did not hesitate to place Wagner alongside in the history of Town to such great names as Herbert Chapman and Mick Buxton.

The legendary Chapman has won two league according 11livesoccer titles and one FA Cup with the club, but there is really no hyperbole of mentioning Wagner`s name on par with his. Both of them have created real miracles that are related in the context of the moment, and that is why they are now praising so much about the German.
In the context of the current Premier League in which he found himself, Wagner`s Huddersfield was financially the weakest club in the history of the race. That is why it can be argued that Town has shown two tricks and may even have created two football miracles.
Given the cash resources and the potential of the squad, this team probably should not even be close to promoting and climbing the Promised Land of English Football. In view of all this, it was not just in the order of things, it was absolutely bound to fall back into the second tier immediately.
So to follow the Premier League ranking of surviving there is virtually absurd. An achievement due entirely to the brilliant management of the Wagner team.

Many around the club even said the Premier League standings in the summer of 2017 had come too early and were expecting a lightning-fast fall. Wagner, however, has broken expectations. Contested economic realities. It made those same people and a very limited group of players believe in purely footballing qualities.
So why is he the answer?

Blog of 11 live soccer