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Klop: We are not so weak that we have no chance against Manchester United

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop thinks his team is not as bad as their opinions are, and has every chance of defeating Manchester United in tomorrow`s Anfield derby. The German showed confidence and said there were hardly any coaches who could do a better job than Liverpool. `Thank you very much, we can play football without Sadio Mane, and in many teams there have been similar injuries since the last break for the national teams, not just Sadio, so did Felaini as well as many other players. the news is that we do not have other injuries in this period We can play without Sadio . . This is a huge game I would like to ask Premier League to give us more time next time Both stables have only two days to getManchester United is in a better situation than last season. they have fantastic soccer players The team of Jose plays as it should at any moment They often play against us long, but they will not do this every time We are positive We are one of the most specialmatches in the world of football.

Lukaku had already become a World Class striker in Everton, but since joining Manchester United, he has even improved his game.

This match is a great opportunity. Our performance is not as bad as people think. We are not so weak that we have no chance against Manchester United. Anfield will be the first game mentioned by contact with livesoccer in front of the new Kenny Dalgish. We want to use this.

Of course, we need to improve our performance. If I`m fired now, I do not think there are many managers who can do a better job than me. I am happy, but not quite from these two years. There is still a long way to go. We could have more points. I`m calm, `said the German. ` Claw commented the words of Eckhart Krautzung that his dream was to lead Manchester United: `First, I heard about it in an interview with my former coach. Then I was a middle-aged football player, how could I want to be a manager of Manchester United. People think I`m crazy, but I`m not that crazy. He was a great fan of Sir Alex Ferguson. He was wearing a Manchester United coat. He may not remember well, but I remember. Some things are not exactly that, but it`s fun. I was having fun when reading this interview, but not everything I said is true. I`m sorry! `.

Blog of 11 live soccer