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Soccer prediction Jordi Alba:I can not see outside Barcelona

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Barcelona`s indisputable champion, Jordi Alba, has made it clear he is ready to reach an agreement with the club for a new contract. Its current expires in the summer of 2020, and the two countries still can not understand the parameters for the new one. The Spanish national gave an interview to the Sport newspaper. Here are the highlights:

Signing a new contract

I`m optimistic about this. It is clear that my dream is to stay in the club. It seemed to me a lot to get here and now I do not want to leave. My family is here, and the support of my teammates and fans is very important to me. I do not think I can be happier anywhere else.

The situation in the club analyzed by 11livesoccer

Since I`ve been here, I`ve always felt valuable to the club. Barca always makes great efforts to keep the players he wants. There is nothing to complain about.

The chance to leave Barca

There`s never been anything in football, but I`m still saying that my plan is to stay here. I can not see another club. Since I`ve been here, I`ve been living my dreams. Over the years, I have been constantly growing and seeing people`s love for me. My dream is to finish my career here.

Champions League or Double in Spain

I am not replacing success in the Champions League for a double, I just want to win all the trophies.

Ernesto Valverde
Since his first minute in the team he has been extremely supportive. I hope he will renew his contract and we will both do it!

The situation in Real Madrid

Many times over the years, they have not imagined a lot, but at the end they always take a bowl. Madrid remains the biggest opponent, which is always hard to beat.

Blog of 11 live soccer