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In Barcelona, ​​they will support La Liga`s decision for matches in the United States

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Barcelona Vice President Jordi Mestre said the club does not mind having matches from the Spanish Championship on the territory of the United States as long as they are well organized and bring revenue to the teams. As is well known, it is likely that the Catalonians will play the first such match in January against Girona`s team.

Explained to us in detail, but nothing has yet been signed. If this La Liga action brings more revenue to all clubs advised by highlights soccer in the league, we support it. Premier League wins triple the Primer League. There are English teams at the bottom of the ranking that are richer than some of the top teams in Spain. The Union of Footballers says they have to be careful with the health of the players. And when they go through the ocean to play for national teams, they should not be scared of them?

If it is well organized and clarified, we agree. La League must be strong with attractive matches. This will be good for the teams from the Primera and Segunda Liga. We play controls in South Africa and there is no problem, just like with touring. It`s money to win and we do not have a country behind us to give us that money, `Mundo Deportivo Mestre said in an interview that added that Garrisan`s failed transfer to Barca was not a drama for the club.

Blog of 11 live soccer