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Why Benitez will probably not wait for Newcastle`s renaissance

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Can Rafael Benitez really be fired from Newcastle, even though it is believed that it is not actually the actual problems of the team at present? Will it come to an end, even before the current season in England, when the renowned Spanish coach will have to leave the swarm management?
The most inconvenient questions can not fail to get out if a team can not win a win in their eight games since the start of the season. Or even if we come back to mid-April and last season, there`s one win in the last 14 games with 11 defeats in them.

These are indicators where each coach or manager would be at least threatened with dismissal. Benitez has plenty of objective justification factors, and the vast majority of Tuon fans remain firmly on his side and just as firmly insistent in wanting instead to remove club owner Mike Ashley.
They also understand perfectly that the results are far more black than the objectively viewed by the terrible rivals at the start of the championship. We are talking about five of the Top 6 clubs by highlights soccer in this period in Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United.
Other logical explanations for the nightmare are the net plus of 20 million pounds in the balance sheet of the summer transfer window when other rivals invested over 100 million to boost their troops. Also the injuries of key players such as Florian Lejjon and now Salomon Rondon.

Last week, reports came out that Celtic Brendan Rogers`s manager was on the Newcastle radar. Officially, St. James Park maintains the line that they still want Benitez as their long-term mentor by signing a new contract. But at the moment, there is little, but in fact, no hope for it to happen, if the management is finally willing to allocate some normal amount for transfers in January.
That is why the management would be stupid if they refuse to think about the future -;whether or not what was going to happen in the summer. Which brings us to the next few games that are emerging as key.
The program directs the next rivals to the winter holidays like Brighton, Watford, Bournemouth, West Ham, Fulham and Fulham at St. James Park and visits to Southampton, Burnley, Everton and Huddersfield.

There are plenty of opportunities to take down the pressure from the team. Five victories in these 10 games and United will be back on the right track with a recent opportunity to reinforce in January -;as long as Mike Ashley finally listens to the fans` messages and the manager of their team.
Accumulating 20 points to the New Year and the Blacks would be on the right track to survive in Premier League -;so optimists see the situation. The more negative view is that failure to play three of the next three matches would bring enormous problems to Rafa Benitez. Such a goal seems unjust for placement, considering what hand was given to the Spaniard in the summer.

Blog of 11 live soccer