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De Francesco:We are far away from our performance in the past season

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The team of Roma will try to get out of the difficult situation with the poor results at tomorrow`s meeting with Bologna. Eugenio Di Francesco, the coach of the wolf, expects a tough fight against Philippo Indzagi, in which Justin Kloveworth will be in the lead.

`We are far from what we showed last season, but we can go back to the right way, and I have to get that defeated player out of the way, and I`ll decide if Javier Pastore will be in the squad and tomorrow Justin Klovewert will be the champion. At this point we need all the players, `said Francesco.

Alexander Kolarov is going to get a break, maybe Nikolos Dzanioolo will start as a champion, because he has the right qualities, all I do for Roma is for the good of the team and I hope the good games analyzed by dropping odds movement will give Olsen extra self-esteem. we can say that the problem of the team is physical, I expect much more than all the players, and tomorrow we have to show that we are a strong team Shick We have to give more of ourselves as everyone else We have to support it because it holdsgreat qualities, `concluded the coach of Romaat today`s press conference.

Blog of 11 live soccer